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This patient was menstruating at the time of the examination. She subsequently had a hysterectomy for uterine fibroids and there was no endometrial abnormality evident on pathologic evaluation of the surgical specimen.


The uterus, particularly the endometrium, can demonstrate increased activity. Activity can be quite intense during active menstruation. Whether this activity is related to bloodpool tracer that is delivered into the uterine cavity with sloughed endometrium at menstruation or whether it represents increased metabolism within the endometrial cells themselves is poorly understood. Activity has been reported within vaginal tampons of actively menstruating women suggesting that the tracer is within the menstrual blood products. If at all possible scanning should be avoided during menstruation. In case of intense activity, CT images should allow localization of the activity to the uterine cavity. If confident interpretation is not possible, repeat scanning approximately 14 days later (in mid-menstrual cycle) might confirm that the intense activity was indeed uterine if it has resolved.

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