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1) The spinal canal is bounded by: (pick 2 choices)

Spinolaminar line
Anterior vertebral line
Posterior vertebral line
Spinous processes

2) Subluxation is ....

Increased disk space.
Articular surfaces not located adjacently.
Malalignment of 2 bones.

3) The vertebral bodies articulate at the .... (choose all correct answers)

Spinous processes.
Facet joints.
Vertebral bodies.

4) The predental space .... (choose incorrect answer)

Is the distance anterior to the body of C2.
Is normally < 3mm.
Is increased in a fracture of the dens.
Is increased in a rupture of the transverse ligament.

5) Soft tissue swelling.... (choose incorrect answer)

In a symptomatic patient should prompt further imaging.
Is defined as > 7 mm of tissue anterior to C2-4 or > 22 mm anterior to C6.
May represent a hematoma.
Is very specific for injury.

6) On the AP view if one spinous process does not line up, you should .... (choose a correct answer)

Suspect a facet dislocation.
Suspect a spinous process fracture.
Suspect a subluxation.

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