Chest Radiology > Learning Objectives


I.  Technique
  1. Learn the difference between PA vs. AP CXR
  2. Learn the utility of a lateral decubitus CXR
  3. Understand the terms inspiration, penetration, and rotation as they apply to determining a technically adequate radiograph
II.  Anatomy
  1. Learn the basic anatomy of the fissures of the lungs, heart borders, bronchi, and vasculature that can be seen on a chest x-ray
III.  Interpretation
  1. Develop a consistent and thorough technique for reading images
  2. Learn how the silhouette sign can help localize pathology
IV.  Pathology
  1. Learn the concept of atelectasis and the ability to recognize it on a chest x-ray
  2. Appreciate the appearance of pulmonary edema and the differences between cardiogenic and noncardiogenic causes
  3. Appreciate the difference findings of atelectasis and pneumonia
  4. Recognize pleural effusions and pneumothorax appear on CXR
  5. Recognize the signs of COPD
  6. Recognize the signs of a benign pulmonary nodule
  7. Learn what makes lung cancer unresectable


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