Emergency Ultrasound > Learning Objectives


  1. Know the components of an ultrasound study.
  2. Know the general terms used when describing an ultrasound study (Anechoic, acoustic enhancement, and acoustic shadowing)
  3. Identify gallstones, acute cholecystitis and biliary dilation associated with RUQ pain.
  4. Identify abdominal an aortic aneurysm and pancreatitis associated with epigastric pain.
  5. Identify appendicitis associated with RLQ pain.
  6. Identify nephrolithiasis and hydronephrosis associated with flank pain.
  7. Identify an adnexal mass, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ectopic pregnancy associated with pelvic pain.
  8. Identify testicular torsion and epididymitis associated with testicular pain.
  9. Identify a deep vein thrombosis associated with extremity swelling.


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