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Hepatic Masses

Liver Masses

  • Differential diagnosis of a solitary hepatic mass:
  1. Cyst
  2. Metastasis
  3. FNH
  4. Adenoma
  5. Hepatoma
  6. Focal fatty infiltration
  7. Hemangioma
  • Some lesions < 1cm in diameter do not reveal enough of their nature because of their small size, and therefore, cannot be characterized by imaging. They are called "too small to be characterized" lesions.
  • A study (by Schwart et al. Radiology 1999) that involved 347 patients has shown that lesions which are less than 1cm in diameter are mostly benign (87%) but can occasionally be metastases (13%).
  • Therefore, in patients without a known malignancy, they may be assumed to be benign. In cancer patients, they are problematic; close follow-up or laparoscopy are two options.

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