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Defecography (cont.)

Procedure (cont.)

  1. Again, place the patient in the sitting position on the Brunswick Chair mounted on the footrest of the upright fluoroscopic table. The entire examination is performed with the patient seated in the right lateral projection. 

  2. Position the fluoroscope so that the field of view includes the sacrum posteriorly, the symphysis pubis anteriorly, and an area about two inches below the skin surface of the perineum (to allow for downward descent during evacuation). Also include the commode's centimeter marker within the field of view to permit later measurement corrections for magnification. 

  3. Take digital images during each of the following maneuvers:

    1. in the resting state  

  1. with maximal voluntary contraction of the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles ("squeeze")

  1. intermittently during defecation 

  1. Videofluorography is also done while the patient performs the following maneuvers: resting state, squeezing and finally, rectal evacuation. In the latter phase of the study, key events can also be recorded with intermittent digital imaging.

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