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Defecography (cont.)

Anorectal Disorders Exhibiting Pathologic Defecograms

  • A rectocele is a forward out-pouching of the anterior rectal wall which occurs during defecation or straining.
  • It occurs much more frequently in females, probably because of the compliance of the rectovaginal septum.
  • During evacuation, part of the contrast material may be sequestered in this pseudodiverticulum, and full rectal emptying may not be achieved at the first attempt.

  • In recent studies of healthy volunteers, rectoceles were seen in about 80% of women and 10-15% of men; therefore, rectoceles in women must be considered to be normal when not accompanied by other rectal abnormalities.
  • Asymptomatic rectoceles are generally small (<2 cm in depth) and rarely retain barium.
  • Rectoceles in symptomatic patients generally are moderate in size (2-4 cm) or large (>4 cm) and retain barium after evacuation.

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