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Double Contrast (Air Contrast) Barium Enema (cont.)

Conduct Of The Examination (cont.)


  1. Return the table to a horizontal position. Turn the patient over into the supine position.

    During fluoroscopic monitoring, instill enough air to distend the rectosigmoid.

    Take RPO and LPO spot images of the sigmoid colon. 


  1. Roll the patient onto the left side.

    Raise the head of the table to 75&deg. (NOTE: With colon distended, some patients have a vaso-vagal reaction when standing. Before placing the patient upright, advise him to warn you if he feels faint, so that you can lower the table to a horizontal position before he passes out and falls.)

    With the patient upright, unclamp the tubing and allow barium to drain into the enema bag during the entire time that you are taking spot images of the hepatic and splenic flexures. 

  2. Rotate the patient back into LPO position. Take spot image of hepatic flexure.


  1. Rotate the patient into RPO position. Take spot image of splenic flexure.


  1. Clamp the enema bag tubing.

    Lower the table to a horizontal position.

    Roll the patient into the left lateral position.

    Lower the head of table down to -10&deg.


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