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Single Contrast Barium Enema (cont.)

Conduct of the Examination (cont.)

  1. Roll the patient backward into a RPO position.
    • Again instruct the assistant to partially unclamp the tubing and allow the barium to slowly flow by gravity through the rectosigmoid colon while you pan back and forth with the fluoroscope between the head of the barium column and the sigmoid region.
    • When the sigmoid colon is well filled, take a spot image of the rectosigmoid colon in the RPO position.

    BE RPO Sigmoid spot

    NOTE: Instruct the assistant to automatically clamp the enema tubing each time you ask the patient to "stop breathing" for a spot film and not to unclamp the tubing until you request it. Each time the tubing is unclamped, it should be done slowly in order to prevent rapid colon distention, which will produce colorectal spasm and premature evacuation.


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