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Enteroclysis: The Small Bowel Enema (cont.)

Bowel Preparation

A fecal-filled colon, especially the cecum, causes barium flow to be seriously retarded in the ileum. As direct result, much more contrast fluid is required to fill the small bowel and the small bowel examination is prolonged. It is, therefore, most important that the colon be as thoroughly cleaned as for an I.V.P. or barium enema but excluding the rectal suppository (see Bowel Preparation Instructions). An additional advantage of such preparation is that an excellent peroral pneumocolon can be performed at the same sitting if a more detailed study of the terminal ileum and/or the cecum is required (see Peroral Pneumocolon).

Enteroclysis done as an emergency or through an existing Cantor tube to confirm small bowel obstruction does not require bowel preparation.

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