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Treatment of Food Impactions And Foreign Bodies in the Esophagus


Equipment universally required for fluoroscopically guided extraction procedures includes the following:  
  1. a fluoroscope with a tilting table capable of at least 30į angulation in both directions from a horizontal position; 
  2. radiation shielding (lead aprons, gloves, thyroid shields, glasses, etc.); 
  3. universal precautions equipment (gowns, gloves, masks, and eye shields; 
  4. topical anesthetic spray (Xylocaine 10% Oral Spray, Astra USA, Inc., Westboro MA) for the patientís throat; 
  5. viscous lidocaine (Xylocaine Viscous Solution, Astra USA, Inc.) to lubricate instruments.  

For the safe removal of foreign bodies in infants and young children, the following additional equipment may also be required:  

  1. an immobilization device to firmly restrain an uncooperative child; 
  2. a bite block or a tongue depressor wrapped with adhesive tape to keep the childís teeth apart.  

In all cases of foreign body management, protection of the airway is an important consideration.  Emergency equipment to deal with acute airway obstruction should be immediately available.  A physician should be present who can manage the patientís airway.


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