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Inguinal Herniography (cont.)


  • Crampy abdominal pain and transient diaphoresis lasting 5-10 minutes occurs in about 15% of all children. Symptoms are more frequent and severe in the older child. Discomfort is reduced by using 30% solution of the contrast agent.

  • Hypertonic contrast material may draw fluid into a hydrocele and cause discomfort. In rare cases, it is necessary to aspirate the hydrocele for relief.

  • Accidental needle penetration and injection of contrast agent into the bowel or bladder wall or lumen. This has been reported in numerous articles to be innocuous.

  • Bleeding at the needle insertion site into the abdominal wall or intestine with formation of a hematoma

  • Radiation dose for male subjects calculated to be 50-300 millirads

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