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Spleen Quiz

1.  Which structure does not border the spleen?

A. The stomach
B. The colon
C. The diaphragm

2.  Failure of the splenic buds to unite leads to:

A. Asplenia
B. Accessory spleens
C. A splenic cyst

3.  What condition could a patient have who presents with an MRI of the spleen seen on the right:

A. Splenic trauma
B. Abscess
C. Hepatitis C
D. Epidermoid cysts


4. What is the diagnosis for the condition seen on CT on the right:

A. Epidermoid cyst
B. Abscess


5.  Which of the following is not part of the differential for the ultrasound seen on the right:

A. Metastatic disease
B. Abscesses
C. Posttraumatic cysts
D. All of the above are part of the differential


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