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Malrotation - Introduction

Illustration of malrotated bowelMalrotation is the failure of the normal embryonic rotation of the bowel, which results in suspension of the small bowel on a narrrow vascular pedicle. The duodenal-jejunal junction does not reach its expected location to the left of the spine at the level of the duodenal bulb. Malposition of the cecum may result in its location in the left side of the abdomen. Complications include obstruction and midgut volvulus. Most present at early age with bilious vomiting, but symptoms can occur at any age. Midgut volvulus is a surgical emergency, because it can lead to bowel necrosis. Ladd Bands are dense peritoneal bands, which cross the duodenum from the malpostioned cecum to the hilum of the liver. They may cause partial obstruction.

Illustration of fetal gut Illustration of Malrotation with Ladd's bands
Ratation of the bowel Normal position and malposition of the bowel

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