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Left Lower Lobe

6. Superior (apical) (A6) (Fig 6a,d,e in previous page) -- From the interlobar artery at or just superior to the origin of the lingular arteries, find a posteriorly oriented branch(es) -> A6a, A6b, A6c

7,8. Anteromedial (A7+8) (Fig 7a,b,c) -- From the basal trunk, go caudally and find an anteromedially oriented branch(es); a common branch may divide to anterior and medial branches -> A7a, A7b; A8a, A8b *Note that an inconstant subsuperior pulmonary segment is sometimes seen, with arterial supply A* taking origin from the posterolateral aspect of the left basal trunk.

9. Lateral basal (A9) (Fig 7a,b,c) -- From the basal trunk, find a laterally oriented branch -> A9a, A9b

10. Posterior basal (A10) (Fig 7a,b,c) -- From the basal trunk, find a posteriorly oriented branch -> A10a, A10b, A10c


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