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Lines and Tubes Quiz

1. Click on the area where a properly placed ET Tube tip would be positioned.

2. The Swan-Ganz catheter tip (arrow) lies in which vessel?

Right pulmonary artery
Left pulmonary artery
Descending Aorta
Coronary Sinus

3. From top to bottom, what do the arrows on the x-ray indicate?

Swan-Ganz Catheter, Aortic Balloon Pump, Endotracheal Tube
Endotracheal Tube, Aortic Balloon Pump, Swan-Ganz Catheter
Swan-Ganz Catheter, Endotracheal Tube, Aortic Balloon Pump
Endotracheal Tube, Swan-Ganz Catheter, Aortic Balloon Pump

4. How often are PCWP monitors malpositioned?

5. What is the most common complication of central line placement?
SVC rupture
Arterial-venous fistula

6. What complication is this patient most likely to experience?

Pulmonary infarction
Diaphragmatic herniation
Broncho-pleural fistula

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