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Pelvis and Hips Anatomy

The following images show the normal anatomy of the pelvis and hips.
AP view of normal pelvis

AP view showing important anatomical lines of the pelvis

  • The five bones that comprise the pelvis are the ilium, ischium, pubis, sacrum, and coccyx.
  • Most trauma to the pelvis and hips can be evaluated with an AP projection of the pelvis and hips. Other injuries require special projections such as anterior and posterior obliques views of the pelvis, frog-lateral view of the hip and groin-lateral view.
  • CT of the pelvis is the technique of choice for evaluating complex fracture patterns, degree of displacement and soft tissue injury.
  • Symptoms from fractures of the hip, acetabulum and pelvis may be quite similar, thus, a full AP pelvis radiograph including the hip must be obtained if any of the above fractures are expected.
  • The femurs should be internally rotated when obtaining an AP pelvis film so that the femoral necks can be appropriately assessed for fractures.

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