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Congenital Anomalies


Duplication may result from the failure of the colon to recanalize in utero, incomplete separation of the notochord from the ectoderm, or caudal twinning. Duplications may be closed cysts or they may communicate with the colonic lumen. Patients can have symptoms of obstruction, volvulus, and hemorrhage which may become complicated by infection and malignant degeneration. Abdominal X-ray, barium enema studies, and CT scans may reveal masses or show communication with the colon. Tubular duplications are treated by dividing the common wall. Rectal duplications are usually resected because of the risk of malignancy.

Duplication Cyst

Duplication Cyst  XRAY - Abdominal x-ray of a patient with a duplication cyst. Note the mass effect of the cyst pressing against the areas of colon (arrows).

Duplication Cyst

Duplication Cyst CT - CT scan of a patient with a duplication cyst (arrows).  Note the surrounding colon being compressed.

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