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Vascular Complications

Introduction to the Vascular Supply of the Colon

The superior mesenteric artery supplies the cecum, right colon, and transverse colon. The inferior pancreaticaduodenal artery, right colic artery, ileocolic artery, marginal artery of Drummond, middle colic artery, and several jejunal and ileal branches arise from the SMA. The inferior mesenteric artery supplies the left colon. It gives rise to the left colic artery, superior rectal arteriy, and the sigmoid arteries. The splenic flexure is in the watershed region the SMA and IMA and is thus the most vulnerable to ischemic insult. The rectum, however, is well-protected by a dual vascular supply from the inferior mesenteric and internal iliac arteries. 


Branches of the SMA: (A) Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery (B) right colic artery (C) ileocolic artery (D) jejunal and ileal branches (E) marginal artery of Drummond (F) middle colic artery.

Branches of the IMA: (A) left colic artery (B) sigmoid arteries (C) superior rectal arteries.

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