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Peroral Pneumocolon (cont.)


Peroral pneumocolon is performed at the end of either a small bowel follow through or an enteroclysis (small bowel enema).
  1. After the barium has reached the right colon, the patient may be given 0.5 - 1.0 mg of glucagon intravenously to relax the ileocecal valve.  

  2. A small catheter (Foley, red rubber, etc.) is inserted into the rectum and secured by tape to the buttocks or inflating the retention balloon in the rectum. 

  3. Air is insufflated through the rectal catheter into the colon. Reflux into the terminal ileum is promoted by having the patient turn into the prone position.  

  4. Compression spot images of the terminal ileum are obtained in single- and double-contrast.

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