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In the United States, approximately one million people are treated and released from hospital emergency rooms for traumatic brain injury every year. 80,000 Americans experience the onset of long-term disability and 50,000 Americans die as a result of traumatic brain injury each year. Approximately 45% of injuries result from transportation accidents, 26% from falls, and 17% from assaults. Other causes, such as sports injuries, comprise the remainder of cases. Two-thirds of the patients are less than 30 years of age, and men are twice as likely as are women to be injured. The cost of traumatic brain injury is $48.3 billion dollars annually. The estimated cost for a 36-hour stay at the hospital for a minor head injury that resulted in a loss of consciousness is around $13,000. A patient who experiences severe head injury in his mid twenties is estimated to have a lifetime cost of four million dollars including lost work hours, medical and daily care. Thus, head injuries are a substantial concern in the United States.


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