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Horizontal Long Axis View

The horizontal long axis (four chamber view) is best for evaluating the septal and lateral walls and apex of the left ventricle, the right ventricular free wall, and chamber size. The mitral and tricuspid valves are also well visualized in this plane. A perpendicular plane to the vertical long axis image is chosen which intersects the lower third of the mitral valve and the LV apex.

Mouse over the horizontal long axis image to display labels.


The red line in the figure on the left represents the plane through which the horizontal long axis image on the right is obtained.

LA = Left Atrium, LAT = Lateral wall, LV = Left Ventricle, MV = Mitral Valve, RA = Right Atrium, RV = Right Ventricle, S = Septum, TV = Tricuspid Valve

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