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Double Contrast (Air Contrast) Barium Enema (cont.)


  1. Barium sulfate suspension (either of the following): 
    1. Liquid Polibar Plus (E-Z-EM., Inc., Westbury, N. Y.) - supplied premixed at 105% W/V   
    2. Medebar Plus (Lafayette Pharmaceuticals, Lafayette, IN) - supplied premixed at 100% W/V 

  2. 1000 ml enema bag with a 20 long, large bore (1/2") tubing attached to a Miller Air enema tip with nonlatex retention cuff (balloon), blue insufflator bulb, white balloon insufflator pouch, Kelly clamp.  

  3. Lead glove 

  4. Compression paddle with balloon 

  5. Glucagon (Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN) - 1 mg., 1 cc syringe, alcohol prep, and tourniquet. At any time there is spasm in the large bowel or if the patient becomes extremely uncomfortable, administer 1 mg. of glucagon slowly I.V. over a one minute interval (to decrease the incidence of nausea and vomiting). Some radiologists prefer to give glucagon I.V. prophylactically to prevent pain and spasm associated with colon distension in pateints with known irritable bowel syndorme (spactic colon) or severe diverticulosis.

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