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Water-Soluble Contrast (Hypaque™) Enema


  1. Suspected acute (uncontained) intestinal perforation 

  2. Colon examination in which the potential for perforation is high (i.e., cecal distention, gas in bowel wall, thumb printing of bowel on plain film) 

  3. Therapeutic enema for relief of fecal impaction (but only after failure of routine cleansing enemas) volvulus, or intussusception.


  • Allergy to iodinated radiographic contrast media


  1. Contrast agent: Oral Hypaque™ powder (Nycomed, New York, NY) - 15% solution (1.5 tablespoons per 100 ml water; or contents of 1 can per 1600 ml of warm (body temperature) water 

  2. Enema bag and rectal tip: Disposable Barium Enema Kit (E-Z-EM, Inc., Westbury, NY) - 3000 ml bag with 5/16" tubing.

  3. Lead glove 

  4. Compression paddle with balloon or F-Spoon 

  5. Radiographic cassettes for overhead images.

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