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The GI tract is the most common site of primary extranodal lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin > Hodgkin), being involved in more than 50% of patients with disease. Within the GI tract the stomach is the site most frequently involved (40-75%); however, lymphoma accounts for only 3% of all gastric malignancy. Gastric lymphomas are usually indistinguishable from carcinomas on UGIS, presenting as polypoid lesions, ulcerated masses, or thickened folds (differential for enlarged gastric folds). Unlike gastric carcinomas, lymphoma may also involve the small bowel, demonstrated by transpyloric spread. Endoscopic biopsy is required for definitive diagnosis.

Radiographic Findings:

  • Variable presentation: focal mass, diffuse nodularity, or thickened gastric folds due to wall infiltration. A gastric wall measuring more than 1 cm is abnormal.

  • Small bowel involvement may be present (transpyloric spread).


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