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Question: A photon with energy of 100 MeV encounters a calcium atom; identify likely interactions in order of probability:

A. Pair Production > Compton Scatter > Photoelectric Absorption
B. Pair Production = Compton Scatter > Photoelectric Absorption
C. Compton Scatter > Pair Production > Photoelectric Absorption
D. Photoelectric Absorption > Compton Scatter > Pair Production

Question: All of the following regarding "electron capture" are true, EXCEPT:

A. After the electron collides with a nucleus, its mass/energy results in conversion of a proton to a neutron
B. Ultimately places an atom’s nucleus in a lower energy-state
C. Is a less common form of radioactive decay
D. Is essential to the formation of a neutrino

Question: Which particle carries the greatest charge?

Gamma ray
Alpha particle
Beta particle

Question: Radiation damage is primarily due to:

A. Heat
B. Electrical discharges
C. Chemical damage
Mechanical pressure

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