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X-Ray Technique Quiz

1. Which of the following statements is true?
Most ICU chest radiographs demonstrate significant findings.
ICU chest radiographs are usually taken in the Posteroanterior (PA) view.
ICU chest radiographs are both sensitive and specific.
The target to tube distance is unimportant.

2. On which one or more of the following patients do daily portable exams need to be taken?
75 year old woman with a left subclavian central line.
Intubated 51 year old male suffering from COPD.
24 year old man status post appendectomy with two peripheral IV lines.
89 year old woman in the ICU for severe congestive heart failure.

3. Click on the three areas of the chest where supine AP and erect PA films most differ.

4. Ambient room light can reduce the detectability of lesions on chest radiograph.

5. Supine positioning of the patient affects which one(s) of the following?
Cephalization of the pulmonary vasculature
The appearance of a pneumothorax
Widens mediastinum
The appearance of pneumonia

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